17.-19. January 2021 “Follow the Flow” Workshop with Carina-Maria Möller / Sweden

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Lifedancing Workshop “Follow the Flow” with Carina-Maria Möller (SE)

Carina Maria is coming to Hamburg for the third time in January 2021!!!

During Corona Time it was such a great gift for me (Claudia) to explore dancing at home, I moved my body so much to the beautiful music of Carina-Marias retreats.

And… connecting and dancing on a live retreat  seems so far away, and I’m very curious how that will feel after such a long time … What a joy to think of all us coming together on a full dance floor following the flow.

Follow the Flow

Here are some information about the workshop:

In times of worldwide uncertainty we are forced to face the fact of impermanence.
How shall we live when nothings is solid any more…
How can we carry on when everything is shifting and changing…

With so much out of our control, all we can do is to stay with our practices and let them nourish us.
Stay centered and grounded.
Stay present in the midst of the ongoing, unstoppable flow.
And surrender…

Surrender into the internal resilience in your body.
Surrender into your emotions… shifting and changing all the time.
Surrender and take refuge in the the present moment.

This Lifedancing workshop offers a possibility to explore the quality surrender.
– Centering: feel yourself from the inside and let the body be your solid foundation
– Grounding: let earth and life support you
– Let go of that that no longer serves you
– Dive into the unknown and explore the difference between giving up and surrender
– Remember – you don´t have to do it alone: let others support you as you support them
Lifedancing, respectful touch, meditative singing, silent meditation, sharing circles.
The workshop will be held in easy to understand English.
Lifedancing is a free dance and movement practice inviting you to connect with the dancer within.  Lifedancing is open to both men and women, and we welcome beginners as well as experienced dancers.
Carina-Maria Möller is the founder and director of Lifedancing. She lives and teaches in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she offers Lifedancing classes on a weekly basis as well as a one-year teachers training program. She is mother of two and stepmother of two.

“We can use the energies and emotions of this moment as fuel for transforming our own consciousness.”
Sally Kempton


Follow The Flow – Lifedancing Workshop for Women

When: January 15-17 2021, Hamburg

Schedule: Friday 7 pm to 9.30 pm
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Where: Ardas Yoga Zentrum
Hohenesch 55 im Hinterhof
22765 Hamburg

Registration: Claudia Seifert
+49 173 10 850 91

Price: Early bird until 30. October 2020: 220 €
Late Bird price : 250 €



Photo: Bibbie Friman

follow the flow pic

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