Corona project "Abundance in your pots"


Our COVID project

In the wake of the COVID crisis, all our retreats  were cancelled – until late summer 2020, possibly even longer. After the first shock, however, we wanted to get back on track as soon as possible. We asked ourselves the question:

How can we bring in all that we teach in our seminars on the ground and help people in close proximity and support them in these challenging times?

So the idea was born to use a kitchen that is empty at this time and to cook in it with all the necessary security precautions for the neighborhood. Through the Hamburg neighbourhood network we found what we were looking for and within the next week we received a commitment for the communal kitchen of our local church.

The project “Abundance in your pots” became concrete. It supported mothers and fathers who had their hands full with home office and home schooling, but also older people who struggled with shopping – and many others who, for a variety of reasons, could just need some relief.

As in our “bread job”, we also placed the highest value on organic food in this project – lots of vegetables, vegetarian and everything cooked and prepared in such a way that it suits both young and old alike. And above all, that we were able to touch and support people in our hearts.

The experience that many shared of feeling much better physically after just a few weeks has touched us very deeply, because it makes the importance of good food so vivid again.

Now we cook again for our seminars and that’s why we paused the project “Abundance in your pots”.

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