Lakshmi Abundance Practice

About our Lakshmi Abundance Practice:

The trance of lack surrounds us everywhere. It leads us to overconsumption and to strive for perfection that is always beyond our reach. Everywhere around us we can see the effects of this mindset: in the colonization, greed and destruction that surrounds our world, in the constant economic and industrial growth that comes at the expense of our Mother Earth, and at the expense of our own well-being and health.

Where can we hear the voice of mental health in the midst of all this seductive illusion of lack?
The goddess Lakshmi brings a much-needed antidote here by letting the medicine of the fullness inherent in life flow precisely into this wound of ‘not enough’. She is the goddess of beauty, abundance and prosperity, the goddess of our Dharma living in integrity and truth.

Lakshmi’s roots can be traced back from Hinduism in India to the Earth-bound cultures that centered around the goddesses thousands of years ago. Lakshmi reminds us that we do not have to wait for an indefinite future to take the nectar of abundance. It is always accessible, right here.

Lakshmi is not a spun idea of how to manifest prosperity in three easy steps or by using a picture on Facebook of a woman with flowing robes working with a Photoshopped frame at sunset on the beach. It is this unprocessed and real abundance of this generous earth. It is the generosity of the seeds, the delicacy of the food, the simple gratitude for being alive.

One of the names Lakshmis is Annapurna, which means full of rich food. She is the body of Mother Earth that holds you, nourishes you and feeds you. She is the goddess of the home and the fireplace; it expresses itself through the way we cook and eat. Through conscious practice, we can resonate with the qualities of Lakshmi and align our lives with their vibration.

Text: SimoneRita Egger/ Awakening Women Institute

We have startet on 15th of August 2020 a second year of a Sadhana (daily practice of practice) on the topic of abundance, in which we daily post a beautiful recipe, a plant, an insight, observation or a thought about abundance. We go through the year, 365 days and so through all seasons with all their gifts and treasures.

We appreciate how strong this ritual is to focus on beauty and what happiness it evokes, to nourish yourself well and to surround yourself with beauty.

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