Told by the Wind- A Story about High Sensitivity

In the film “Chocolat” the wonderful Vianne Rocher follows the north wind, which one day leads her unerringly to a French town where people need her help. With the help of the delicacies from her small chocolaterie, Vianne succeeds in reconnecting the inhabitants, who had  lost real contact with themselves and others for so long, with their hearts and desires. Beate Gauder reminds me of Vianne on many levels. She has created a place of encounter and touch in the middle of Corona. Her story is a plea for the power of listening and an invitation to the space of possibilities.
When our small catering company, which I run with my friend Claudia, was cancelled in March because of Corona, we immediately took care of the financial support. After all the applications were filled out and sent off, there was suddenly nothing more to do. Feeling from one day to the next the pause button had been pressed – people didn’t go to work anymore, there were no cars and no planes flying. Suddenly everything was quiet. Then I met my neighbor in the hallway and she sighed: “How are we going to do all this, home schooling and home office, how are we going to do all this? Then I realized I can’t stay at home now. The neighbors need help. I have to do something now. The idea was there right away: Claudia and I need a public kitchen and then we cook healthy and delicious food for the neighbors. Then I wrote a list – contact the mayor, look for a kitchen, call the hygiene department and so on. Then a pastor contacted me through a neighborhood portal and suggested that we could use the kitchen in the church hall right next to the church. This then only had to be clarified with the church council and within a few days we had the go-ahead.

The project was like an answer out of the wind, it just showed itself to me. I didn’t think about it, there was an impulse and then the whole thing opened up like a fan in front of me. It was the space of possibilities that unfolded. There are a few typical sentences in life, for example “We can’t do anything about that”, or “That’s not possible now”. Such sentences are enough for my system to begin to look more closely and ask: “Is it really that tight? At that very moment something widens, that happens automatically. When my system hears “Nothing can be done”, then a part is immediately activated and says “Look – maybe it is!

The space of possibilities then opens up all by itself and whatever wants to show itself is revealed.

Even as a child I often let the wind give me the answers. Especially now in summer, when the air is so warm and a breeze comes, I always have the feeling that there is so much inside. So many stories, and I wonder where this wind has been everywhere. What it has already touched and is there an answer in it? When I didn’t know what to do with myself, or when I asked myself how to reduce the pain that was so limiting in my childhood and youth due to a chronic bone disease. Then I would secretly talk to the wind and feel a little less alone. I imagined that the wind carried the answers to me, or caressed them to me – and then I felt the answer. I also love to listen to stones to this day, as if they could tell stories. I ask myself where the stone comes from, and why does it lie there as it lies there – fissured or washed round by water. I have always been very careful with people, who I tell what to or who I ask what to, but I have always used the help of wind and stones for myself. The wind can caress me or wrap itself around me like a curtain. It’s best outside in summer, when I get a feeling of where the wind could have been everywhere and what it encountered there. And when I then ask myself what I need, it can happen that I get an idea about it. I like the fact that this experience of the breeze lies over me. I like to hold stones in my hands, I like it when they suddenly become so hot, and then I feel as if I can feel their heartbeat, like a pulsation. I imagine then that a wise old woman is sitting in it and starts whispering.

An exchange in which the possibilities can show themselves
When it started with Corona, I had the feeling again for a long time, the wind and the stones speak to me again. But I felt as if something had turned around. I had once taken wisdom from her, and now Mother Earth is speaking to me and saying, “You have always listened to us, hear us now! It is too much.” It’s happening too much.

This article is part of the blog What’s your Story – High Sensitivity retelling.
Here author and story coach Sabrina Görlitz gives highly sensitive people the opportunity to tell their own personal story and finally be heard.

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