Pear chutney

by annapurnalovesme

In autumn we harvested the fallen pears and processed them into a delicious chutney. Saffron and coconut blossom sugar are special ingredients that create a unique taste.

6 pears, peeled and coarsely diced2
onions, finely diced6-8
saffron thread
sSome cumin1 cm
ginger, finely diced2 tbsp
coconut blossom sugar (or other)1 g
reen pepper pod, without seeds in rings3
-4 tbsp lime juice
y chilli flakes2 t
bsp oil

Heat the oil, sweat all ingredients without lime juice, lightly caramelize. Drain with lime juice and simmer over a mild heat for 20 minutes.

Matches vegetables roasted in the oven, goat’s cheese,

Crackers etc.

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