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by annapurnalovesme

Claudia Seifert

It's so special in kitchens, the magic they contain once you're in it we're in our own universe.

Put on the apron, prepare the food and you end up in a completely own world.

senses that are otherwise not activated. It is suddenly possible to be present and in here and now. Knowing that the foods are there to feed me and I can transform them myself with the gift of cooking so brilliantly.

Joy, being nourished, silence, sacred space.

I love the scent of delicious food, like a magic it runs through the rooms and for twenty years now I have been passionately connected with cooking.

I am inspired by the variety, colour and abundance of ingredients and I express this with dedication as a food stylist and cook. I am the author of several cookbooks, more information can be found at www.claudiaseifert.de

The beauty of food, to celebrate its origin of nature and to combine and visually realize a good feeling of life, fills me.

Beate Gauder

Since I can think, colors, shapes and houses have a great attraction and fascination on me. Their interaction and possibilities have found different expressions in my
life. I love to paint and not only to design spaces on the screen.

One of the most beautiful rooms is our body. Honoring him, feeling, nurturing him, loving him and dealing with this marvel, I have expressed myself as a nutritionist for many years.

I have been able to cure myself, with support, from a chronic disease and have learned a lot about my body and its functions through visualizations and contact and dietary change. Th
ese experiences have become woven into my Dharma and I lead groups in Hamburg to appreciate and approach our body house.

We met many years ago in a wild herb training and in recent years we have intertwined our passions. Our two talents together are Annapurnalovesme and we want to share our creative diversity with this blog, we want to inspire you, wake you up, nourish you.

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