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by annapurnalovesme

AnnapurnaAnnapurna is the Hindu goddess for food, “anna” means food and “purna” means abundance.

We love to share practical things  how to nourish yourself better during your lunch break. Creating small rituals of silence when you eat, heal your body and give more attention to the foods you take in.

Do you feel this longing?

Best case, we fill up in the kitchen, not only with food, but also with presence, dedication and love.

As onion peels , we let go the everyday life and arrive at home. Creativity and beauty fill the room. The beauty of an onion, a salad, a chilli pepper and everything that surrounds us in the kitchen.


The kitchen as the heart of the home, as the heart of the world. Pleasure and appreciation for everything mother earth gives us.

With “Annapurnalovesme” we want to awaken, nourish, strengthen, touch and inspire this space in you.

 Beautiful recipes, suggestions, small daily rituals in the kitchen, retreats, personal experiences… We are Beate Gauder and Claudia Seifert and love to celebrate and appreciate the fruits of the earth.

Drawing: Winona Amber Rose


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